ACEScct 3D LUTs for Fujifilm F-Log

What is this?

This is a pack of 3D LUTs that allows you to apply Fujifilm Film Simulations to F-Log footage when you work in ACEScct color space.
These LUTs only modify color, they don't change the overall tone curve of the chosen ODT. This is by design, as I didn't want to eliminate one of the main benefits of ACES, the unified look.
The included film simulations are the following:

  • Provia
  • Velvia
  • Astia
  • Classic Chrome
  • Pro Neg Hi
  • Pro Neg Std
  • Eterna

As shown in the product video, each simulation comes in two versions, V1 is created with measurements from the following settings:
0 Shadow tone, 0 Highlight tone, 0 Color

V2 is created with measurements from the following settings:
-2 Shadow tone, -2 Highlight tone, -4 Color

While these settings look originally very different, with the tone curves unified they look more like "flavors" of the same thing.

How does it work?

This package is designed for ACEScct only, it will give bad results on a regular timeline, and workarounds are needed with ACEScc as well.
Before you apply the LUT, make sure you correct exposure using the Offset wheel in Davinci Resolve if necessary.
For accurate results you should white balance your clips before recording. If you need correction in post, please do it before the LUT.
In Davinci Resolve, the "Process Node LUTs in" setting should be set to "ACEScc AP1 Timeline Space". This is the default value.
You can find this setting under Project Settings/Color Management/Color Space & Transforms.

Can I use any ODT?

In theory you can, because the LUTs are applied in the ACEScct color space before the ODT, however keep in mind that my target measurements come from Rec.709 sources,
and I map the F-Gamut (Rec.2020) values to those. This means that if you use an ODT with larger gamut than Rec.709, colors with high saturation that would otherwise fall out
of the volume of Rec.709, will be kept inside. For this reason this pack is best when used with the Rec.709 ODT.

What are those hue shifts you mention in the video?

When you shoot using a film simulation (especially a more saturated one like Velvia), you'll notice that as certain colors with high saturation get brighter and brighter,
they start to change hue. This is most visible in red colors, they will shift to yellow. In the same situation F-Log would just roll off to something white-ish.
This is the way the camera maps those values into the color space of that film simulation, which can be sometimes pleasing but I find it unnatural and I decided to apply
corrections just for these values. These corrections include not only hue fixes but saturation and brightness modifications as well to have a more pleasing rolloff.


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I don't offer refunds, but you can send me links to some of your stills or short movie files, and I'll apply the product to them. This will cost you nothing and you'll know exactly what to expect.

If you already own the F-Log IDT, choose the first product. If you don't have it, and don't need the extra LUTs of my IDT package, choose the second product.

ACEScct LUTs for Fujifilm F-Log $35
ACEScct LUTs for Fujifilm F-Log + IDT for F-Log $40