3D LUT smoother tool

Using this tool you can smooth the transitions of a 3D LUT.

A good 3D LUT has smooth transitions in the entire color space, but unfortunately this is not the case for a lot of LUTs out there.
You can check your LUT against a few stress test images, I recommend these:

Just import the image into your NLE, apply your LUT, and see if there are any rough transitions.
If there are, you can use this tool to smooth out the LUT.
The processing happens on your computer, and it requires some CPU power and memory. If the browser tells you that the site is slowing down your computer, just let it run.
The engine uses a convolution kernel, it can be either "box" or "gaussian". They will produce slightly different results.
You might find that "box" is slightly smoother, while "gaussian" preserves a bit more of the original transitions.
You can also modify the number of iterations. The bigger the number the smoother the results, but it also takes more time.
While a size 33 LUT with 1 iterations is usually done in a second, processing a size 65 LUT with 5 iterations can take about 30 seconds on a decent computer.
This tool is in beta-testing mode, if you find any problems please let me know.

Only 3D LUTs in CUBE format up to size 65 are supported.

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